Sirma Business Consulting (India) Private Limited was established in March 2015 and has been offering its services for more than one and a half years



Our team has accomplished its first major project successfully in Trinidad & Tobago by helping TECU upgrade its core banking software.



Our services can be utilized by almost all organisations that are dependent on computer Hardware & software and need to document work processes.



In today's world of rapid technological progress, we at SirmaBC consider it our bounden duty to keep ourselves always updated.

Employee Training Materials

Employee Training Materials

With the rapid changes in technology and new and varied functions being added to their repertoire every day, Banks need to continuously train and re-train their employees. In this context, the preparation and presentation of training materials assume considerable importance. Training materials designed by us can impart relevant training without causing too much of learner fatigue. The learner can proceed at his/her pace and obtain a learning experience that closely resembles the actual process flow. We invest valuable time and expertise to develop our training materials that are unique. We can add immense value to the employee training process of any bank or financial institution.

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